The Diaspora Generation


I send an open letter to all my peers in this generation, the Arabic-speaking, middle-class, college-educated young men and women. We ought to be named as the diaspora generation, in analogy to the lost generation of Europe amid the end of World Word II.

soon they will die, leaving no legacy but their dead bodies

That’s because quite a few of this miserable generation have decided to simply escape from their countries of origin after the first encounter of a real hardship. They simply decided to jump ship and leave it to drown with all what it carries from their own people: the poor, the ignorant, the elderly, the weak, the hopeless and the powerless. Those who jump ship have lost destination right after. They soon got lost in this sparse world. Not only they lost their identity but the true value of life. They will happily live the life except soon they will die, leaving no legacy but their dead bodies.

You get to know them as culturally defeated. You find them out following the very footsteps of the West in every possible position. They desperately adopt the western languages, culture and values. Yet, you don’t get to see them cherry-pick what they adopt. They are not the one who distinguishes truth from falsehood. Moreover, as they’ve lost their identity, you get to witness them divided among themselves. Consequently, you find them out powerless, passive and vulnerable. As if they’ve completely forgotten that we’re only as strong as we are united, as weak as we’re divided.

true manhood is self-made not inherited

You get to see them traveling to the West, fully taking advantage of every ounce of it, enjoying it to the max, forgetting that this worldly life is nothing but transient pleasure. More importantly, they mouth the privileges of the West as if it was the very own heritage of their parents and grandparents. They yet to discover the bitter truth that they are not much more than parasites on the western civilization. They are living off of it. They haven’t contributed to building it, so how come they claim its benefits and fully mouth its privileges? They’ve completely forgotten that the true manhood is self-made not inherited.

One of those fooled may argue that he/she won this right, the right to enjoy the milk and honey of the West, for he/she has exerted so much effort, worked against all the odds, and finally succeeded to resettle in it. My reply to him/her would be: it just so happens that you’re the one given this chance, not anybody else. It is just a roll of the dice that declared you the winner of this lottery. You could’ve been one of those unprivileged with little to no chance of survival. You could’ve been a child of ignorant parents, or you could’ve not given any access to higher education, or you could’ve been jailed by mistake, … you name it.

the blessings they’re enjoying are attributed to nobody but ALLAH, then to nothing but higher education

Little did those fooled know that all the blessings they’re fully enjoying are attributed to nobody but ALLAH, then to nothing but higher education. They wouldn’t have had any access – to speak of – to higher education if it wasn’t funded by the money of taxpayers in their countries of origin. Now, how can any of them pay back the price of the farmer growing their food or the factory worker sewing their school outfit or the teacher educating them? Again, this privilege those fooled are enjoying was made possible by higher education. The ultimate price of this education has already been paid by these unprivileged citizens: the farmer, the factory worker, the teacher, ….., etc. They paid the hefty price of raising you up for nothing but on the hope you become highly-educated, highly-productive citizen. Consequently, you change both of your and their life for the best. This is how a society works: the unprivileged do the inferior hard work and elect the privileged in exchange for steering the country to a brighter future and more fruitful destination, right?

with all regrets, I tell you the truth that I am one of those fooled living off of the west

My peers, with all regrets, I tell you nothing but the truth that I am one of those fooled, who simply chose the easier solution, who simply jump ship, who simply resettle in the West. As a result, I feel like I’ve lost part of my identity, part of my purpose in life. I feel like I’ve let down my own people. I feel like I will live the worldly life leaving no legacy but my dead body. Finally, I feel like the time for paying back is yet to come, whether I like it or not.


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