Connect Four Game


The motive behind the coursework is to investigate and learn some adversarial search techniques used in the field of AI in solving games and puzzles. The techniques are then applied to the connect-four game [1].

The method used is mainly minimax search along with other minor strategies to complement the minimax for this game specifically.

The key results are, while search tree algorithms (for example minimax) may come in handy in smaller world games/puzzles, they are computationally expensive. Other algorithms try to overcome the shortcoming of the minimax, for example alpha-beta pruning, negamax [2] (negascout [3], [4] as a particular example) or SSS* [5]. But none of them can be used alone to develop a winning strategy for this game. Search tree algorithms are not magic and they definitely need other strategies to complement them. These complimentary strategies are game-specific and cannot be generalized to other games.

This project was built as a coursework for the ‘Artificial Intelligence’, 1st semester in MSc Artificial Intelligence at the University of Southampton.


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